BugFix-Report AC package

Version 8.30.1 (25.09.2019)
Essential changes
ATLAS SystemNEW: QuickSheet: - Simple calculation of complex issues.
Build your own LV calculation module, which exactly captures your problem.
No programming effort. Enormous time savings for routine work.

Bug Fixes
ATLAS SystemDisplay of the chapter or chapter number in the footer of the program revised or adapted.
ACOld files with errors in the connections are now corrected automatically.
ACThe duct width was not calculated when selecting "Rectangular finned tube, no plate fin".

ATLAS SystemEvaluation of the validity area for calculated variables: In some cases, incorrect messages could occur.
ATLAS SystemWhen connecting to Excel: "Save as..." in Excel was not recognized by the program as a change.
ATLAS SystemExport to DOCX: behavior of page numbers and table of contents corrected.
T-OILExtension of TOIL by 6 thermal oils and 5 high-temperature salts
Thermal oils:
Marlotherm XC
Marlotherm XD
Cassida Fluid DC 32
Perfecto HTS 0801
Renolin Therm 380 S
Renolin Therm 330 S

High temperature salts:
Thermo-Solar Salt
MS 450

Version 8.29.1 (10.04.2019)
Essential changes
ATLAS SystemLV VISUAL: New visualization of the problem formulation (BETA version)

Bug Fixes
ATLAS SystemThe special menu was not displayed correctly after a change.
ATLAS SystemFeezing: Proposed amount to be requested was exceptionally too low.
ATLAS SystemParameter study did not work if the "Wait" option was set at the same time.
ATLAS SystemPrint: Module description was not always printed
ATLAS SystemProblems could arise if two parameter studies were performed consecutively.
ATLAS SystemThe program could crash when printing very large files.
ACError when changing from inner plain tube to TWIS in completed calculation
CO2, LUFT, N2, O2Some physical properties were wrongly interpolated near the boiling point. The compressibility factor is now calculated and no longer taken from the table. The calculation is performed according to Z = P/(Rho-T)-M/R0. The compressibility factors are not calculated for states on the boiling curve.

ATLAS SystemThe description of the module in the module selection was not displayed completely if it was too long.
AC, COIL, NH3The setting "Saturation Yes/No" in module NH3 can now be set independently for both states.
CO2Calculation of the physical properties at pressures smaller than the triple pressure (state area solid gas). Differentiation of solid CO2 and steam by means of the sublimation pressure curve. Properties of solid CO2 are not calculated.
CO2New properties: The surface tension is now given. The boiling temperature of the system pressure is calculated. Indication of the phase state on the mask (liquid, gaseous or supercritical)
PROPThe names, formulas and concentrations of the media from the str file are now specified on the mask.
T-OIL12 new oils from Fragol and 4 already existing oils revised
New oils:
Fragoltherm® X-75-A
Fragoltherm® DPO
Fragoltherm® 660
Fragoltherm® 620
Fragoltherm® 550
Fragoltherm® HT
Fragoltherm® HK
Fragoltherm® F-N
Fragoltherm® F-ADX10
Fragoltherm® F-12
Fragoltherm® F-LT
Fragoltherm® X-T9-A

Fragoltherm® Q-32-A
Fragoltherm® Q-32-N
Fragoltherm® S-15-A
Fragoltherm® S-20-A
TWISImproved display of equations on the mask.

Version 8.28.4 (14.01.2019)
Bug Fixes
ATLAS SystemWhen using the option "Set value in expert mode", the justification was not documented completely.
ACThe presentation of the tube sheet was not always proportional.
ACWhen calculating tube-side condensation from humid gases the heat balance was incorrect.

ACWhen entering tube pitch, the program checks whether the tubes penetrate.

Version 8.28.1 (07.11.2018)
Essential changes
ATLAS SystemNew Start Form! Completely revised concept for selecting required calculation modules.

Bug Fixes
ATLAS SystemAfter printing, graphics on the input mask disappeared.
ATLAS SystemIn some cases, the y-axis had a wrong scale in the parametric study.
ATLAS SystemError when using the command "Delete all connections of the module"
RGASWhen entering the composition of the flue gas, negative values for the concentrations were possible.
VGASThe sum of concentrations of the gases is always 100%. Negative concentrations are not allowed.

ATLAS SystemWhen a message was shown multiple times, the message windows was always on top.

Version 8.27.3 (24.09.2018)
Bug Fixes
ACCondensation of humidity outside in combination with correction factor for wall temperature k_W (only when loading older files): There were deviations compared to version 8.26.1,
G7The program did not re-calculate, when you entered a negative void fraction accidentally.

ACAt condensation and evaporation, the program calculates the tube-side velocity separetly for inlet and outlet
C1Range of validity for temperatures added.
T-OILNew thermal oil 'Alaria 3' from Eni

Version 8.27.1 (22.05.2018)
Bug Fixes
ATLAS SystemWhen activating a new licence file, a message is diplayed, asking to restart the program for the changes to take effect.
ATLAS SystemScenario Manager:: In case of empty columns in the Excel sheet between Variables of different chapters, some results were not calculated.
ATLAS SystemPartially italic text parts in the input mask were wrapped incorrectly
ACCondensation of humidity with a correctioon factor for heat transfer lead to slight deviations in the results.
ACIf the wall temperature was about -5°C with condensing humidity from a gas, the computing time could be very long.
GLYCCalculation of Prandtl number of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol: Results were not consistent with other properties

ATLAS SystemThe currently selected variable is shown in the connection navigator even when it is already connected
ATLAS SystemYou may now drag a variable from the navigation manager on the input mask to set a link.
ATLAS SystemYou may now delete the contents of ComboBoxes with the DEL key
ATLAS SystemNew units for velocity: km/h and in/s
ZELLCorrection for highly overdesigned heat exchangers. FN factor could become 0.

Version 8.26.1 (21.02.2018)
Bug Fixes
ATLAS SystemPrinting to printer with post script driver (PC L6) was not possible
ATLAS SystemYou could not print to an unmapped network drive
ATLAS SystemComboBoxes, where the user could enter a value manually, closed immediately after first opening.
ATLAS SystemThe wrong chapter name was displayed in the variable monitor, if the name of the chapter was changed manually.
ATLAS SystemIf a Proxy server was selected for Feezing, the settings were not saved.
ATLAS SystemConversion from t to kg was not possible
ATLAS SystemWhen using the Scenario Manager with the option 'Print every Scenario' and there are messages at the same time: The messages are presented as message boxes when printing. This is not the case anymore if the user includes the messages in the printing.
ATLAS SystemWhen creating a new group, the TabStrip was not updated immediately.
ATLAS SystemCreating a new chapter within an existing group: Chapter was not created within the group.
DokuSpecial characters in file names are now allowed when including RTF files and DOCX files.
ACMore detailed data for partial evaporation or partial condensation: Vapour volume flow and liquid volume flow at inlet and outlet

ATLAS SystemWhen selecting an entry in a ComboBox, it is immediately interpreted as input. Up to know you had to press the enter button.
ATLAS SystemLoading an ATL file was not possible if the file was containing a module, which is not part of the program package or not unlocked. Now you can at least load the modules which are unlocked.
FRIG"Boiling state Yes/No" now with ComboBox
TIMEWhen selecting the option 'Heating/cooling' the weight and the specific heat capacity of the vessel medium and the weight and the specific heat capacity of the vessel may be entered. The weight and the specific heat capacity of the overall system are then calculated.
T-OILNine new silicon oils from Fragol
  • Fragoltherm X-160-A
  • Fragoltherm X-40
  • Fragoltherm X-400-A
  • Fragoltherm X-75-A
  • Fragoltherm X-80
  • Fragoltherm X-T12
  • Fragoltherm X-T15
  • Fragoltherm X-T20
  • Fragoltherm X-T9

Version 8.25.1 (22.11.2017)
Essential changes
ATLAS SystemNew printing option: Printing to Microsoft Word DOCX.

Bug Fixes
ATLAS SystemIn the conversion of units a wrong unit was marked, if the variable in the ATL file contained a differing unit than the standard unit.
ATLAS SystemWhen loading a file, equations might cover variable fields partially
ATLAS SystemError when entering variables of dimension 'mechanical stress', when standard input unit for pressure was set to 'bar'.
ATLAS SystemWhen printing to RTF and setting the 'Number of first page' greater than 1: Page numbers in printed documents were not correct.
ATLAS SystemFormatted texts on graphics not printed correctly.
ATLAS SystemWhen using the slider with the mouse, sometimes the slider made more than one step.
ATLAS SystemInput mask zoom corrected.
ATLAS SystemDimensionless variables were always displayed as 0 in the variable monitor.
ATLAS SystemSome dimensionless variables were not displayed in the navigator or shown as 0.
ATLAS SystemNo values in conversion of units of locked input fields
ATLAS SystemChanging size of window using arrow keys and then 'Enter' -> Size of window was changed to the previously set value.
ACWhen calculating twisted tape inserts in AC, you had to enter the Prandtl number manually in the TWIS module.
ACTube side condensation, horizontal. Pressure drop was not calculated.
ACFor some combinations (evaporation, condensation of humidity) the iteration took very long.
NH3Error when calculating the boiling temperature for state 2 with temperatures below 0 °C. Values at P = 0.1 · Pc were updated according to VDI Heat Atlas 11th edition. (These values are required in the VERD program)
T-OILThe entries on the input mask 'Former product' and 'Range of application' were not deleted when selecting a new oil, if there were no entries for this new oil.
TWISYou could not print calculations withTWIS module.

ATLAS SystemLV Optimiser separated from LV Scenario Manager
ATLAS SystemVisio interface optimised.

Version 8.24.2 (25.09.2017)
Bug Fixes
ATLAS SystemUnit Inch could not be saved as (")

T-OILIf there is no value for the vapour pressure of the oil, '0' is displayed.

Version 8.24.1 (07.09.2017)
Essential changes
ATLAS SystemPrinting to PDF creates automatic bookmarks from the chapter headlines
T-OILNew thermal oil: Laurol HT 32

Bug Fixes
ATLAS SystemYou could not show help for individual input fields, which were locked for input.
ATLAS SystemWhen activating 'Split window' the lower part of the window was empty.
ATLAS SystemThe menu item 'Switch on/off WAIT" did not change the corresponding button.
ACCalculation of the velocity in the nozzle corrected for partial condenstaion and partial evaporation.
ACWhen changing the tube side medium or the shell side medium, the program used the previous physical properties.
EQUConnection of resulting variables of value 0 was not possible.

ATLAS SystemThe units for display are now taken from the loaded ATL file.
ATLAS SystemEntering values in the conversion of units is now possible
VisioColouring of Visio shapes revised. Legibility improved.

Version 8.23.1 (11.07.2017)
Essential changes
ATLAS SystemThe small blue squares in an input field, indicating that there is information concerning this variable, are replaced by small blue question marks. The functionality stays the same.
ATLAS SystemError with printing of big projects solved. When printing big projects, containing many modules and equations, a program crash was possible.
Printing a file is now a separate process. While printing you can now continue working with the program or even close the program.
ATLAS SystemHelp files are always displayed online and are not downloaded beforehand. If you need an offline help, please ask us how to proceed manually.

Bug Fixes
ATLAS SystemScenario Manager: If the user entered a unit in Excel, incompatible with the internal unit of the variable it was possible that it resulted in wrong values. Now there is a message and the user can decide whether to continue the scenario calculation or abort it and correct the error.
ATLAS SystemUndo or Redo actions resulted in errors displaying text blocks on the input mask.
ATLAS SystemAfter multiple undo actions, it might have been possible that not all states could be restored (redo). The user setting 'Number of possible undo steps' was not saved.
ATLAS SystemThe module name entered by the user was cut after 60 characters.
ATLAS SystemError solved when starting a parametric study by entering in an input filed (e.g. '0,1...8')
In some cases the parametric study was started but no results for depending variables were calculated or displayed.
ATLAS SystemDefinition files can now save text and material data.
ATLAS SystemMessage list was always displayed in the foreground, even if there was no new message.
ACShell-side CO2 condensation: Physical properties were not calculated completely.
ACShell-side condensation and only one tube row: Heat transfer was not calculated

ATLAS SystemPrinting: The module title is always printed, if you have renamed a module. The option to unselect printing the title was removed.
ACYou can calculate partial condensation and partial evaporation.

Version 8.22.1 (12.04.2017)
Bug Fixes
DokuWhen including RTF files with file names with umlauts, the file was not included. Now there is a message, that the file name must be changed.
ACThere was an error when entering data in an unusual order. Tube-side condensation, no pressure or temperature given. Entering shell-side pressure and temperature and mass flow => Unsolvability
F2.1, F2.2, F3, F4When calculating the heat transfer with free convection and negative coefficient of thermal expansion (e.g. water under 4 °C) there was a negative heat transfer coefficient.
RGAS, VGASWhen connecting VGAS (combustion calculation) and RGAS (flue gas) wit the option 'known composition', the program did not connect the fraction of the individual components.

Version 8.21.1 (02.02.2017)
VISIOLV Visio AddIn with enhanced shapes

Version 8.20.2 (09.12.2016)
Bug Fixes
ATLAS SystemDisplay of external messages forced

Version 8.20.1 (18.11.2016)
Bug Fixes
VISIOVisio interface
VISIOConnection of two identical modules via VISIO enabled

Version 8.19.1 (14.09.2016)
Essential changes
ATLAS SystemNew start-up: When starting strength calculation package the Project module is shown instead of the treeview.

Bug Fixes
ATLAS SystemShow group name in Navigator
ATLAS SystemCoefficients of expansion are always shown as {xy}/K.
ATLAS SystemBug fixed: Sometimes messages were not displayed.
AC, COIL, KOND, VERD, WTSNew medium available: Oxygen O2
CO2The physical properties of CO2 have been updated according to VDI Heat Atlas, 11th Edition
NETZChanging the net plan is noted. Mask is refreshed and the user is asked if he wants to save the file before closing the project.

Version 8.18.1 (08.07.2016)
Bug Fixes
C1Countercurrent flow was not displayed.
E2Retrograde calculation to time enabled.

Version 8.17.1 (25.05.2016)
Bug Fixes
ACFree convection with humidity; wall clearance has influence on alpha value.

Version 8.15.1 (02.02.2016)
Bug Fixes
SaWaThe kinematic viscosity was calculated too high by a factor of 1000.

Version 8.14.1 (21.10.2015)
Bug Fixes
ATLAS SystemIf the stored printer is off-line, the system default printer is set.
ATLAS SystemBugfix cover sheet saving
ATLAS SystemError fixed with parametric study, if the changing value has no unit.
ATLAS SystemText variables can now be shown in Variable Monitor
ATLAS SystemError handling when printing to a file on a server drive that is not mapped.
ATLAS SystemFile name comparison is now case-insensitive.
ATLAS SystemError in Table of Contents and chapter headlines due to Unicode characters fixed.
ATLAS SystemSpeeding up the form for print options when pressing File - Print.
ATLAS SystemAdded Polish as language
ATLAS SystemWhen parameter study is finished, enter previous value.
ExcelError fixed when connecting to a template: Order of chapters was wrong.
ACPlausibility check for temperatures when evaporating or condensing
G1Wall temperature will be calculated by mean temperatures if not entered manually.

Version 8.8.3 (07.11.2014)
Bug Fixes
ACHeat transfer in vertical tube at condensation: This value has not been calculated until now as some parameters have not been transferred.

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