Some problems in the field of pressure vessel design cannot be solved, or only inadequately, with the standard approaches from regulations. In such cases, only a calculation according to the finite element method can help. This calculation is usually quite complex and requires a certain amount of experience with the interpretation of the results.

We offer an integrated FE calculation for several standard problems like nozzles with external loads on cylindrical shells or domed heads. This contains improved meshing and graphic options as well as the following calculation options:
Reinforcement pads, inclined nozzles, inclined and tangential nozzles with and without reinforcement pads, on cylindrical and spherical shells and on Kloepperboden- and Korbbogenboden-type ends.

The FEM module can be connected with other LV modules. Geometrical data need only be entered once.

Calculation of local stresses at the nozzle area by using the Finite Elements Method

Application possibilities at a glance

Geometric options

  • Vertical and inclined nozzles on cylinder shells
  • Vertical and inclined nozzles on spherical shells
  • Vertical nozzles on Kloepperboden- and Korbbogenboden-type (dished) ends
  • Inclined nozzles on dished ends
  • Off-centre / tangential nozzles on cylindrical, spherical and domed heads
  • Consideration of reinforcement pads

Possible loads

  • Forces and moments at the nozzle
  • Internal pressure
  • Thermal loads
  • Fatigue

Calculation and detailed documentation

  • Calculation with FEM (Sparse Solver) with over 120000 degrees of freedom
  • Calculation with finitely thick shell elements
  • Free number of nodes or elements
  • Stress evaluation according to AD S4 and ASME VIII-2
  • Fatigue calculation according to AD S2 and ASME VIII-2
  • Documentation according to AD S4 and ASME VIII-2

Other features

  • Output of geometry as DXF file
  • Interfaces to other FEM programs (Cosmos, Ansys)
  • Visualization of the results and/or geometry in 3D representation as DirectX, GDI or HPGL
  • Representation of the stress/displacements in the undeformed and in the deformed system


Module package FEM: 2100 EUR plus VAT

Documentation in German: Extra charge 200,- EUR plus VAT

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