The calculation of stresses in the nozzle or around a nozzle according to the FE method is completely integrated into the LV program system ATLAS.

Whether you perform a simple cylinder check according to AD 2000 or a section calculation according to DIN EN 13455 or a stress calculation according to the FE method, handling and operation remain the same. Input data from previous calculations can always be dynamically integrated into the current calculation.

Which inputs are required?

What are the costs for an FE calculation?


The stresses around a nozzle opening are to be calculated. The nozzle is located eccentrically in a cylindrical body and is subject to external forces and moments.

Geometry selection

Start of the module

The start of the input mask including calculation is 6 EUR.


Entering the geometric values in the graphic input mask

Enter the loads. Here optional in the graphical input mask.

Start of model creation and calculation

Output of a short result line

Result information:

The nozzle is overloaded!

The utilization of the allowable stress in the nozzle is 120%.
The nozzle wall thickness is increased from 4 mm to 7.1 mm.

Since this is a revision run, another 6 EUR fee is due.


Start of calculation

Result information:

The stresses are within the allowable range. The maximum utilization is 87.1%.

Costs by FEEZING

*All inputs, calculations and one revision so far have been performed for 12 EUR. If the calculation is saved under a project name, an additional 4 EUR will be charged here.

Every FEM calculation requires a detailed documentation!

Start the FEM documentation after the short result information indicates a valid solution. The documentation cannot be displayed on the screen.

* 30 EUR will be debited from the fee account for the documentation.

Sample documentation


For a total amount of 46 EUR you can have a complete FE report and print it out.

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