Module Package WTS – Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers (TRIAL)

Module Package WTS – Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers (TRIAL)


Calculation program for the design, optimization and simulation of shell-and-tube heat exchangers for single-phase media. Basic version for the calculation of single-phase media (liquid / gaseous), condensation of pure substances on smooth pipes, strongly revised tube sheet layout module SPIE, true-to-scale sketch


WTS is a comprehensive calculation program for the design, optimization and simulation of shell-and-tube heat exchangers for single-phase media (liquid / gaseous) and condensation of pure substances on straight tubes.

Module Standard
Construction types
Countercurrent / Co-current X
Plain tubes inside/outside X
with segmental baffles X
TEMA Standard TEMA X
U-tube / Straight tube X
Floating head with split ring X
Packed floating head X
Pull-through floating head X
Steady-state temperature distribution ZELL X
No tubes in window X
Up to 8 tube-side passes X
Maximum 2 shell-side passes X
Tube bundle vibration analysis RBSA X
Shell without baffles (e.g. hairpin heat exchanger) GGO X
Disk and doughnut baffles CIRC X
Electrically heated forced-flow heaters EWTS X
Double-pipe heat exchanger DPW X
Longitudinally finned tubes GGLR X
Internal longitudinal or spiral fins INLR X
Tubes with twisted tape inserts TWIS X
simple and cross-corrugated tubes DRLL X
Cross finned, Low finned tubes GGRI X
Plate fin-and-tube heat exchangers LAM X
Transient calculation ZELL Trans X
Pure substance condenser with desuperheating,
Condensation and subcooling
Calculation of heat exchanger networks NETZ X
Physical properties
Water and steam H2O X
Seawater Sawa X
Saturated steam Condensation H2O X
Natural gas H, L and any composition EGAS X
Flue gas RGAS X
Ammonia and ammonia condensation NH3 X
12 typical machine oils OEL X
120 Thermal oils T-OIL X
Air (dry) LUFT X
® Antifrogens N, L, KF and SOL GLYC X
Free input of properties S-DAT X
Refrigerants FRIG X
Calculation of the final temperature when throttling natural gases
(Joule-Thomson effect)
Humid gases, partial condensation
Inert gases: air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, natural gas/biogas, free input
Sulphuric acid H2SO X
Nitric acid HNO3 X
Hydrochloric acid HCL X
Sodium hydroxide NAOH X
Nitrogen N2 X
Carbon dioxide / CO2 condensation CO2 X
Helium He X
N2 O2 H2 CO CO2 H2O SO2 SO3 – Mixtures of any composition Gas mixture X
Heavy fuel oils and Diesel HFO X
Aqueous sucrose solutions SAC X
Properties of pure substances and mixtures
(requires program PROPER)
User-supplied properties tables S-TAB X
Interface to strength calculation,
True-to-scale sketch of heat exchangers
Tube sheet library /
Creating a design-specific tube sheet.
Tube sheet that can be edited as DXF file
Customer documentation KUDO X
EXCEL specification sheet X
LV Scenario Manager in EXCEL X
LV Optimizer in EXCEL X
English Documentation X

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