Definition of property tables in the programs (S-TAB)

Calculation of physical values and equilibria with PROPER

State of moist air from psychrometric humidity measurements (PSYC)

Reference value Alpha0 for bubble boiling of pure substances (HABA)

Calculation of the final temperature when throttling natural gases (Joule-Thomson effect) (JTHO)

Dew point temperature in an exhaust gas with SO3 + H2O components (TSO3)

Physical properties modules are also part of the program packages

AC – Air cooler – Cross-flow heat exchanger

COIL – Coil-type heat exchangers

KOAX – Spiral double-pipe heat exchangers / coaxial heat exchangers

KOND – Pure substance condensers in tube bundle design

VDI Heat Atlas

VERD – Evaporation of pure substances in shell-and-tube heat exchangers

WAK – Calculation of spiral tube waste heat boilers / flue gas heaters

WTS – Calculation system for shell and tube heat exchangers

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