The regulations TRD became invalid on 1.1.2013. It was replaced by DIN EN 12952-3.

In order to be able to recalculate projects calculated according to TRD, we still offer the latest version of TRD for purchase.

Module Program description Price EUR
AD Basic module, BOM 410,–
301 Cylindrical shells under internal pressure according to TRD 301 620,–
303 Spherical shells according to TRD 303 620,–
305 Flat walls, anchors and stiffening beams according to TRD 305 620,–
306 Cylindrical shells under external pressure according to TRD 306 620,–
309 Bolts according to TRD 309 410,–
WERK Material database with approx. 4700 material entries 900,–
Basic package TRD 3.425,–
Printout in German language 310,–
301 / Anl.1 Calculation of alternating stress caused by swelling internal pressure or by combined internal pressure and temperature changes 310,–
AUZY Openings and branches in cylindrical shells of drums, collectors and pipelines according to DIN EN 12952-3 920,–
BOG Pipe bends under internal pressure according to TRD 301 / Annex 2 255,–
HOSE Y-shaped branches under internal pressure according to TRD-301 310,–
303 / Anl.1 Calculation of spherical shells with openings against alternating expansion stress of the inner hole edges 310,–
304 Calculation of dished flue ends according to TRD 304 410,–
508 a Calculation of the fatigue of components at creep and alternating stress according to TRD 508 / Appendix 1 620,–

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