On the basis of your task specifications, we carry out cost-effective calculations at a fixed price. This has the advantage for the customer of being able to achieve results quickly without any training period or without purchasing the program for a single use.

More than 400 programs can be used for calculation:

  • VDI Heat Atlas / Heat Exchangers / Condensers / Physical Properties
  • Thermodynamics / Fluid Mechanics
  • Tube bundle vibration analysis according to Prof. Gelbe
  • Pipeline construction / AD2000 / EURONORM / ASME / TRD / WRC
  • Flow simulation with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Calculations according to the Finite Element Method, FEM

As soon as the necessary data is available, we prepare a free offer with fixed price and delivery date (in case of order). The documentation can be in German and/or English. The calculations will be sent by email as a PDF file.


Strength calculations according to AD 2000 / ASME / EN 13445 / TRD

CFD Calculations with SolidWorks Flow Simulation and ANSYS CFD

FEM calculations with Solidworks Simulation and ANSYS Mechanical

Process Engineering

Thermal and hydraulic design of heat exchangers

Data required for design (PDF)

Tube bundle vibration analysis according to Prof. Gelbe

Stress in piping systems

Meshed pipe networks / flow technology / pressure losses

  • Hydraulic calculation of the pipe network
    Display of the pressure loss for each individual line
    Indication of the pressure loss at each calculation node
  • Creation of node and line tables according to the client’s specifications (site plans, isometrics).
    A node must be created for each branch and each change in the nominal width.
  • Basic run incl. two variation runs
  • Documentation of the system and the results
  • Additional variation runs are billed separately.

Determination of physical properties

Determination of physical properties upon consultation

The determined data can be transmitted at short notice by email.

List of existing substances

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