Academic Edition

Especially for colleges / universities
One license: List price minus 20%.

Or for educational purposes
15 licenses at the price of 1 license (list price)

FEEZING – Campaign + 10%.

‘FEEZING’is the alternative to perform projects without having to spend lots of money on expensive software. You only start the appropriate program when required and work without a time limit.

Feezing also with prepaid smartcard

You can bill via the account on the Internet or locally with a prepaid card. The account is available indefinitely, does not expire and can also be rebooked for other services.

At start-up you will receive 30,- EUR on your account.

For orders exceeding 300 EUR for the Feezing account, you will receive an additional 10%.

For orders exceeding 600 EUR for the Feezing account, you will receive an additional 15%.

Calculation software for the VDI Heat Atlas 12th edition

including several physical properties modules

Module package 1 without CYCL: 3100 EUR
Update price 1200 EUR
Special offer  900 EUR

VDI Heat Atlas 12th editon


Module package DIN EN 12516-2
for the calculation of valve housings (consisting of 6 modules and the material database) 

Special offer: 1600 EUR
(instead of 1800 EUR)

Module package 12516

Heat exchangers

Module package electric heater
Thermal and hydraulic design of electrically heated forced-flow shell-and-tube heat exchangers

Special price: 4300 EUR
(instead of 4500 EUR)

Extra charge to WTS: 1800 EUR
requires latest WTS version


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