Design of electrically heated forced-flow shell-and-tube heat exchangers

Program features

With the electric heater module package, forced-flow shell-and-tube heat exchangers for liquid and gaseous media can be designed thermally and hydraulically. The maximum heating element temperature is calculated and compared with the maximum film temperature of thermal oils. The maximum shell temperature is calculated for gaseous media. The radiation of the outermost heating elements on the shell and the cooling of the shell by the gas are taken into account.

The theoretical basics of heat transfer refer to the VDI Heat Atlas 12th edition and HEDH (Heat Exchanger Design Handbook) as well as special research reports.

Calculation possibilities

  • Thermal and hydraulic calculation of shell-and-tube heat exchangers for single-phase media (no evaporation)
  • Segmental baffles, no baffles at all
  • Calculation of the maximum heating element temperature
  • Calculation of the maximum shell temperature for gaseous media
  • Tube exterior: plain tubes
  • Calculation of entry and exit regions in shell
  • Generation of a design-compatible tube sheet (Module SPIE)
  • Optimization of a new exchanger on the basis of given standard dimensions
  • Determination of operation by multidimensional parameter studies in graphical or tabular form
  • Output of specification sheets in MS-Excel allows free design in familiar environment
  • Your own factory standards and the relevant DIN standards can be added.


Standard package: on request

Extra charge to WTS *.

*requires latest version of WTS

Parallel to this, an evaporator program is available for the design and simulation of horizontal pure substance evaporators without preheating the liquid and without superheating the steam.

Scope of delivery and extensions at extra charge

  Module Standard
Construction types
Tube exterior: plain tubes   X  
with segmental baffles   X  
Steady-state temperature distribution ZELL X   
No tubes in window   X  
Shell without baffles GGO   X
Transient calculation ZELL Trans   X
Physical properties
Water and steam H2O X  
Seawater Sawa X  
Natural gas H, L and any composition EGAS X  
Flue gas RGAS X  
Ammonia NH3 X  
13 typical machine oils OEL X  
120 Thermal oils T-OIL X  
Air (dry) LUFT X  
® Antifrogens N, L, KF and SOL GLYC X  
Free input of properties S-DAT X  
Refrigerants FRIG X  
Sulphuric acid H2SO  
Nitric acid HNO3  
Hydrochloric acid HCL   
Sodium hydroxide NAOH   
Nitrogen N2    X
Oxygen O2   X
Carbon dioxide CO2   X
Helium He   X
N2 O2 H2 CO CO2 H2O SO2 SO3 – Mixtures of any composition Gas mixture   X
Heavy fuel oils and Diesel HFO   X
Aqueous sucrose solutions SAC   X
Properties of pure substances and mixtures
(requires program PROPER)
User-supplied properties tables S-TAB   X
EXCEL specification sheet   X  
LV Scenario Manager in EXCEL   X  
LV Optimizer in EXCEL   X  
English Documentation     X

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