Calculation system for shell and tube heat exchangers

Courtesy of Alfa Laval Aalborg A/S, Marine Division
Input of basic data

With the WTS module package, tube bundle heat exchangers can be designed for gaseous and liquid media as well as for condensing pure substances. The range of features of WTS can be extended by additional modules

The theoretical principles of heat transfer are derived from the VDI Heat Atlas and the HEDH (Heat Exchanger Design Handbook) as well as special research reports.

Calculation options in the standard package

  • Thermal and hydraulic calculation of shell and tube heat exchangers for single-phase media, condensing pure substances and condensing steam. The heat-absorbing medium during condensation is single-phase (no evaporation).
  • Generation of a design-compatible tube sheet(SPIE module) with longitudinal baffles and tube sheets without tubes in the windows, creation of company-owned tube sheet databases. 30,000 displayable and individually editable tubes.
    Consideration of dummy tubes and tie rods
  • Straight tubes on the inside and outside of the tube
  • Segmental baffles
  • Heat exchangers without tubes in the window zones (NTIW)
  • Countercurrent or co-current
  • Multi-pass shell design
  • Calculation of entry and exit regions in shell
  • Several typical media and their physical properties
  • Creation of true-to-scale sketches of the exchanger in DXF format. The essential connection dimensions are specified. (W-CAD) with interface for strength calculation
  • Tube vibration analysis (GV in WTS)
  • Determination of operation by multidimensional parameter studies in graphical or tabular form
  • Optimization of a new heat exchanger on the basis of given standard dimensions
  • Output of specification sheets in MS-Excel allows free design in familiar environment
  • Calculation according to TEMA
  • Customer documentation for quotation phase (KUDO)

Price Standard Package: 4800 EUR plus VAT

Printout in German 480 EUR plus VAT


Extensions at an extra charge

  • Corrugated tubes
  • Tube interior: internally finned tubes with longitudinal or spiral fins, spiral inserts
  • Tube exterior: low finned tubes, longitudinally finned tubes, plate fin-and-tube
  • Disk and doughnut baffles
  • Shell without baffles (Hairpin)
  • Double-pipe (concentric annulus)
  • Pure substance condenserwith desuperheating, condensation and subcooling (KOND)
  • Partial condensation of a vapour from an inert gas (humid gases)

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