The thermal design of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger requires the accurate dimensions of the tubesheet. The configuration of the individual tubes in the shell, the location and size of the segmental and longitudinal baffles, and the location of the tube lanes all affect the thermal design and form the basis for construction.

Graphic editing of the tube sheet

Program features

The SPIE module is a program for the generation of tube sheets for tube bundle heat exchangers. It consists of a graphical and a numerical part. The tube sheet can be designed by the user in all details. 30,000 pipes can be represented and individually edited. Tie rods and dummy tubes can be used.

Two different methods are available for generating the tube sheet:

  1. Specification of the number of tubes and determination of the shell diameter (design).
  2. Specification of the shell diameter and determination of the number of tubes (rating).

As a standard, tube sheets can be created with 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 tube-side passages.

The tube sheet received can be displayed in the program, freely designed and documented. The generated tube sheet data can be stored in a database (tube sheet library) and loaded into the heat exchanger programs WTS, KOND, VERD and MESK. The tube sheets can also be saved in DXF format and further processed by various CAD programs.

The SPIE module is part of the WTS (tube bundle heat exchangers), KOND (pure substance condensers), VERD (pure substance evaporators) and MESK ( multi-component condensers)module packages.

Price as single module: 950 EUR plus VAT

Strength calculation: You can specify the number of desired peripheral tubes in the SPIE module. The program determines the mean arithmetic distance and presents the peripheral tubes graphically.
Ask for the special price as an addition to AD 2000.

Peripheral tubes

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