Design of wire mesh demister and fibre filter (FLD)

The program covers the design of demisters (fiber filters) for droplet and solid separation from gases.

The user can opt between different distribution laws of the particles (DIN 66143, 66144, 66145). The results are displayed graphically. For the calculation of the separation degree curves, the calculation methods known from the literature are used.

Horizontal Gravity Separator (HSA) and Vertical Gravity Separator (VSA)

The programs offer the possibility to choose between different types of design and thus to design the most cost-effective separator. New separators can be dimensioned or existing separators can be simulated. Parameter studies give the user a feeling for the influence of the different data on his separator.

The known calculation methods are used for the following tasks:

  • Drop sinking velocities
  • Liquid entrainment of surfaces by gas flow
  • Influence of a demister on the critical gas velocity
  • Liquid content in the exhaust gas (in connection with demister program FLD)
  • Flow form in the inlet in connection with module LOMA

Vertical or horizontal gas / liquid separators can be dimensioned:

  • Limiting drops with/without demister
  • Inlet distributor / outlet demister
  • High level / low level for hold-up times
  • Flow type at inlet (see LOMA)
  • Anti-vortex baffle design
  • Liquid entrainment on surfaces

Design of cyclones with axial inlet, spiral inlet or slot inlet (CYCL)

After entering the cyclone geometry of the gas and dust load and after describing the particle characteristics, the pressure loss of the apparatus and the degree of separation are calculated for this configuration. Detailed calculations provide information on the fractional separation efficiency and the pressure losses in the individual cyclone sections.

If the geometry is unknown (design of a new cyclone), the geometry can be optimized with the standard options of the ATLAS program system.

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