Software licensing

Possibilities to use LV Software modules

You can purchase calculation modules as individual modules or as packages.

Individual prices can be found in our price list.

Module packages are offered and individual package scan be put together from the individual modules. Package prices are significantly lower than single module purchases.

Please ask for an individual offer.

Use LV software without buying the module.

With Feezing you pay according to the use of the modules. Calculation modules can be used without restriction. Functions such as start module, save module, print etc. are subject to charges. Costs are settled via a credit account.

Advantages: All calculation programs are available to you. Great flexibility in the use of different calculation modules. Cost-effective alternative to purchase in case of infrequent use or calculation of special cases.

Combination of software purchase and Feezing is possible at any time. Purchase of frequently used modules; Feezing of rarely used modules


FEEZING FLAT Feezing on a time basis enables you to activate individual modules or program packages on a time based manner.

In the selected period you can use the modules freely with full functionality. Ideal to work on larger projects within a selected period of time.


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