Due to the bidirectional data exchange from LV to external software, the LV programs can be used in their user interface. (e.g. ADD-In technology)

For pressure vessel design, simultaneous design and calculation can be carried out with the appropriate CAD program, material extracts can be created and CNC programs generated.

Interface to ANSYS Mechanical (In planning stage)

With this interface you can create an FE model from your strength calculation and then perform an FE analysis in ANSYS Mechanical.

The core of the integration of LV Design ATLAS and ANSYS Workbench is the fast parameter exchange in the form of a parameter editor, via which the user can link freely selectable parameters.

The exchange is possible bi-directionally.


LV Scenario Manager for creating variants in MS Excel

With the Scenario Manager it is possible to easily calculate different variants of an apparatus. Different variants can mean, for example, that entire series of a heat exchanger with different shell diameters, tube diameters, tube pitches, tube passages etc. are calculated or that different load cases (variation of mass flows, temperatures, power etc.) are simulated for a given heat exchanger.

The great advantage of the scenario manager is that all input data for the different scenarios is completely predefined in an EXCEL table and automatically transferred to the program. This saves an enormous amount of time, as almost any number of calculations can be carried out at once.

Interface to VISIO

Visual vessel configurator


An interface to Microsoft Visio is now available for the calculation programs / modules. This extends the range of functions of the calculation programs by a multitude of helpful functions.

LV Visio

A license of Microsoft VISIO 2013 / 2016 (Standard Edition) is required to use the LV-VISIO interface. We recommend Microsoft VISIO 2016.

List price (1 license): 500 EUR plus VAT

Interface to Excel (MS-Office)

LV software comes standard with a bidirectional interface that can be used to transfer data from LV to Excel and from EXCEL to LV.

LV Excel Template
LV Excel

Interface to 3D-CAD SolidWorks

Pressure vessel parts are calculated directly in the SolidWorks design environment.

LV SolidWorks

Universal CAD Interface

Universal CAD Interface

Interface to 3D-CAD ALIBRE Design

Bi-directional interface to a cost-effective 3D CAD program from Alibre.

Interface to Design II (WinSim)

LV software programs can be integrated into the Design II simulation program.

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