Creating Variants in MS Excel with the LV Scenario Manager

With the Scenario Manager it is possible to easily calculate different variants of an apparatus. Different variants can mean, for example, that entire series of a heat exchanger with different shell diameters, pipe diameters, pipe pitches, pipe passes etc. are calculated or that different load cases (variation of mass flows, temperatures, power etc.) are simulated for a given heat exchanger.

The great advantage of the scenario manager is that all input data for the different scenarios is completely predefined in an EXCEL table and automatically transferred to the program. This saves an enormous amount of time, as almost any number of calculations can be performed at once.

The LV program then calculates the scenarios one after the other without any additional entries being necessary and transfers the selected result data to EXCEL. By outputting the results to EXCEL, a simple evaluation of the various calculations is possible.

LV Scenario Manager Example Heat Exchanger

What are the costs?

  • Included free of charge since LV program version 8.8
  • FEEZING: Depending on the number of scenarios, modules are called and saved, which causes costs.

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