Integrated software solutions from LV

At LV, individual software is not an expensive new development, but can be created cost-effectively and at short notice using existing programs.

The ATLAS program system developed by LV is the most powerful program system to date with over 350 individual programs covering the most important fields of application. This also includes the LV Optimizer developed by LV, which finds the desired optimum for all applications. Customer knowledge is combined in the same programming technique via the LV program generator in an integrated overall solution.

Features of integrated solutions

Integrated systems are program packages which consist of a control module and several independent program modules and are specially compiled for the recording and display of complete organizational processes and their contents.

  • Separation of the calculation contents into individual blocks (modules), which are generally created in object-oriented technology.
  • Easy extensibility by adding new modulesen Modulen
  • Use of ready-made LV modules
  • Optional integration of databases (MS-Access)
  • MS-Excel connection as dialog interface or for free design of documentation
  • Representation of the equations used on the screen
  • Multilingual documentation
  • Free choice of default values and target values
  • Unit Default
  • Parameter studies, case studies
  • Solution Optimization with the Genetic Optimizer from LV

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