Module W-CAD


In order to prepare a quotation as a basis for work preparation or for checking your own calculations, it is often necessary to create a true-to-scale drawing containing all the essential dimensions and taking into account the type of construction.

Program features

The program creates a scale drawing based on the calculation data from the WTS module. DIN flange data sheets are included so that the flange presentation is also dimensionally accurate. The data is saved in a DXF file and can be further processed with CAD programs.

Scale drawing – abbreviated presentation


The W-CAD module is an addition to the WTS program. A heat exchanger should therefore first be designed using the WTS program. When switching to the W-CAD module, the data is automatically transferred from WTS. If no WTS run is found, the corresponding data can also be entered manually. In any case, the exchanger design according to TEMA (option graphic) and the required tube sheet thickness must be added. If flange connections are entered for the nozzles, the nozzles are provided with the corresponding standard flanges. Since the program uses the stored flange catalog, it is recommended to select a corresponding pressure stage (calculation pressure).

  1. Reduced representation of the exchanger
  2. Improved dimensioning
  3. Interface to strength calculation and therefore direct subsequent calculation from process engineering

Price: 410 EUR plus VAT

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