Thermal and hydraulic design 
of a double-pipe or hairpin heat exchanger

DPW – ‘Hairpin’ – Heat Exchanger

(only as an addition to WTS)

‘Hairpin’ – Heat Exchanger

1. Concentric annular gap

2. Heat exchangers with plain tubes without internals

The GGO module calculates the heat transfer coefficient and the pressure loss for shells without baffles. The calculations are based on the investigations at the University of Karlsruhe published at the GVC conference. The calculation takes particular account of the diameter/ bundle length ratio and the size and position of the nozzles. Thus also the increases of the heat transfer at the inlet nozzle are covered.

3. Heat exchangers with longitudinally finned tubes without internals

The GGLR module calculates the heat transfer and pressure drop in longitudinal fin tube bundles of shell-and-tube heat exchangers. 

The fin cross sections can be rectangular or trapezoidal. Heat transfer and pressure loss are calculated for both laminar and turbulent flow.

Extra charge to module package WTS: on request

Double pipe heat exchanger – DP

Double pipe heat exchanger

Concentric annular gap

The DP program package enables the complete thermal and hydraulic design of a double-pipe heat exchanger according to the VDI Heat Atlas and supplementary literature. In addition to the single-phase heat transitions (liquid, gaseous), the total condensation of pure substances in the concentric annular gap or in the central tube can also be calculated. In addition to the free input of material values, the following media can be selected in the basic package:

Water, saturated steam, air, natural gases, ammonia, flue gases, refrigerants, thermal oils, machine oils, glycol-water mixtures.

Module package DP runs stand-alone, other modules cannot be used via FEEZING.

Price: on request


  • Publication of J. M. Chawla; G. Wiskot, “Wärmeübertragung”, VDI-Verlag 
  • VDI Heat Atlas 
  • HEDH (Heat Exchanger Design Handbook)

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