Design of coiled double-pipe heat exchangers / coaxial tube heat exchangers (KOAX)

Within the COIL module package (coil type heat exchangers), the KOAX module package can be purchased as an additional option for the thermal and hydraulic design of a coiled double-pipe heat exchanger, in accordance with the calculation regulations of the VDI Heat Atlas.

Selection mask in COIL


The calculations are based on the calculation regulations shown in the VDI Heat Atlas.

  • G3: Heat transfer in flow through coils
  • L1.2: Pressure drop in flow through coils

The media are single-phase (liquid or gaseous) or condensing pure substances (pure substance condensation, isothermal condensation). Flow direction can be countercurrent or co-current. The properties of the media used are provided by LV properties modules and calculated for the mean temperatures and pressures.

Properties contained in the standard package KOAX Module
Water and steam H2O
Seawater Sawa
Saturated steam Condensation H2O
Natural gas H, L and any composition EGAS
Flue gas RGAS
Ammonia and ammonia condensation NH3
12 typical machine oils OEL
120 Thermal oils T-OIL
Air (dry) LUFT
® Antifrogens N, L, KF and SOL GLYC
Free input of properties S-DAT
Refrigerants FRIG
Further properties on request
® registered trademark of Clariant GmbH 

Standard package: on request

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