Coil-type heat exchangers

Design system for coil type heat exchangers

For low flow rates, coil type exchangers are more efficient than shell and tube exchangers. Due to their simple design, they are also inexpensive to manufacture and easy to clean shell-side. Their efficiency is usually close to that of the ideal counter-flow thanks to the operation mode.

Program features

With the COIL program, coil heat exchangers can be designed for gaseous and liquid media as well as for condensing pure substances. Evaporation is not calculated

To guide the flow, the coil heat exchanger can be equipped with a displacement cylinder or can also be designed without a displacement cylinder. The coil may consist of a maximum of 5 parallel flown-through tubes.

Shell-side flow is always forced flow. Flow direction can be countercurrent or co-current.

The media are single-phase (liquid or gaseous) or condensing pure substances (pure substance condensation, isothermal condensation). The properties of the media used are provided by LV properties modules and calculated for the mean temperatures and pressures.

If desired, the program only calculates with standard tube and jacket dimensions (standard values). This enables the designer to use only standard semi-finished products, thus optimising costs and delivery times and reducing inventory costs through a limited range of materials. 

The condensation of multi-component mixtures cannot be calculated with COIL.

Price of standard version on request

Scope of delivery and extensions at extra charge

Current: Coaxial heat exchanger (coiled double pipe heat exchangers) KOAX – extra charge 770 EUR

This additional option in the COIL program enables the thermal and hydraulic design of a coiled double-pipe heat exchanger in accordance with the calculation regulations of the VDI Heat Atlas.


Module Standard
Construction types
Coil with displacement cylinder X
Coil without displacement cylinder X
Maximum of 5 parallel flown-through tubes X
Countercurrent / co-current X
Coiled double-pipe/ Coaxial tube KOAX X
Physical properties
Water and steam H2O X
Seawater Sawa X
Saturated steam Condensation H2O X
Natural gas H, L and any composition EGAS X
Flue gas RGAS X
Ammonia and ammonia condensation NH3 X
12 typical machine oils OEL X
120 Thermal oils T-OIL X
Refrigerants FRIG X
Air (dry) LUFT X
® Antifrogens N, L, KF and SOL GLYC X
Free input of properties S-DAT X
Heavy fuel oils and Diesel HFO X
Hydrochloric acid HCL X
Nitric acid HNO3 X
Sulphuric acid H2SO X
Sodium hydroxide NaOH X
Nitrogen N2 X
Oxygen O2 X
Carbon dioxide / CO2 condensation CO2 X
Helium He X
Nitrogen / oxygen / hydrogen / carbon monoxide / carbon dioxide / water / sulphur dioxide / sulphur trioxide –
mixture of any composition
Gasmix X
Aqueous sucrose solutions SAC X
Beer / Wort BIER X
Properties of pure substances and mixtures PROP* X
User-supplied properties tables S-TAB X
EXCEL specification sheet X
English Documentation X

*requires program PROPER

® Registered trademark of Clariant GmbH

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