The basis are the relevant German standards, company-internal information and brochures on burner geometries and flame patterns.

In addition, a database is included which currently contains the physical properties of approx. 120 thermal oils (module T-OIL) and growing.

Program features

The BREN module can be used to calculate:

  • Film temperatures of thermal oil heaters at nominal volume flow and (freely selectable) shutdown volume flow
  • Pressure losses in the individual coils incl. nozzles and collectors
  • Flame temperatures for different fuels
  • multiple inner and outer coils with various tube sizes
  • Flue gas pressure drop
  • Thermal performance, area reserve as well as firing efficiency of the heater
thermal oil heater
thermal oil heater

The module considers different geometric coil configurations for the most widely differing operating modes of thermal oil heaters. The radiation and convection coils may arranged in series or parallel. The thermal oil can be supplied or withdrawn in the burner area (countercurrent or co-current operation). The coils can have different tube dimensions and consist of several coils twisted into each other.

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  • Walter Wagner: “Wärmetechnik mit organischen Medien” Reschverlag München
  • VDI Heat Atlas

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