WTS is a comprehensive calculation program for the design, optimization and simulation of shell-and-tube heat exchangers for single-phase media (liquid / gaseous) and condensation of pure substances on straight tubes. Due to the modular structure of our programs, you can put together your own program package to meet your special requirements.

Module Standard
Construction types
Countercurrent / Co-current X
Plain tubes inside/outside X
with segmental baffles X
TEMA Standard TEMA X
U-tube / Straight tube X
Floating head with split ring X
Packed floating head X
Pull-through floating head X
Steady-state temperature distribution ZELL X
No tubes in window X
Up to 8 tube-side passes X
Maximum 2 shell-side passes X
Tube bundle vibration analysis RBSA X
Shell without baffles (e.g. hairpin heat exchanger) GGO X
Disk and doughnut baffles CIRC X
Electrically heated forced-flow heaters EWTS X
Double-pipe heat exchanger DPW X
Longitudinally finned tubes GGLR X
Internal longitudinal or spiral fins INLR X
Tubes with twisted tape inserts TWIS X
simple and cross-corrugated tubes DRLL X
Cross finned, Low finned tubes GGRI X
Plate fin-and-tube heat exchangers LAM X
Transient calculation ZELL Trans X
Pure substance condenser with desuperheating,
Condensation and subcooling
Calculation of heat exchanger networks NETZ X
Physical properties
Water and steam H2O X
Seawater Sawa X
Saturated steam Condensation H2O X
Natural gas H, L and any composition EGAS X
Flue gas RGAS X
Ammonia and ammonia condensation NH3 X
12 typical machine oils OEL X
120 Thermal oils T-OIL X
Air (dry) LUFT X
® Antifrogens N, L, KF and SOL GLYC X
Free input of properties S-DAT X
Refrigerants FRIG X
Calculation of the final temperature when throttling natural gases
(Joule-Thomson effect)
Humid gases, partial condensation
Inert gases: air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, natural gas/biogas, free input
Sulphuric acid H2SO X
Nitric acid HNO3 X
Hydrochloric acid HCL X
Sodium hydroxide NAOH X
Nitrogen N2 X
Oxygen O2 X
Carbon dioxide / CO2 condensation CO2 X
Helium He X
N2 O2 H2 CO CO2 H2O SO2 SO3 – Mixtures of any composition Gasmix X
Heavy fuel oils and Diesel HFO X
Aqueous sucrose solutions SAC X
Properties of pure substances and mixtures
(requires program PROPER)
User-supplied properties tables S-TAB X
Interface to strength calculation,
True-to-scale sketch of heat exchangers
Tube sheet library.
Creating a design-specific tube sheet.
Tube sheet that can be edited as DXF file
Customer documentation KUDO X
EXCEL specification sheet X
LV Scenario Manager in EXCEL X
LV Optimizer in EXCEL X
English Documentation X

Price Standard Package: on request

By overlapping various modules within the ATLAS program system, the following combinations can be offered at favourable package prices:

Module packages WTS and VERD Package price: on request
Module packages WTS and AC Package price: on request
Module packages WTS and GV stand-alone Package price: on request

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