ZELL module

The module calculates the steady state temperature distribution in a heat exchanger based on the cell method. Thus, the driving temperature difference is determined much more precisely than with the mean logarithmic temperature difference (ΔTlog).

The following calculations can be carried out with the program:

  • All variants of the nozzle arrangement
  • Multi-pass tube and shell units
  • Shell-side cross flow mixing effect
  • Temperature distribution in the exchanger

This sophisticated cell method is used to determine the temperature distribution in crossflow heat exchangers in our AC module package and in shell-and-tube heat exchangers in our WTS module package.

Steady-state temperature distribution in heat exchangers (cell model)

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In addition, the time-dependent behaviour of all variants of the heat exchangers can be calculated for almost freely definable transientsof the inlet temperatures and mass flows, taking into account the influence of the number of tube passes. Results:

  • Time-dependent outlet temperatures
  • Time-dependent minimum and maximum media temperatures reached

Steady-state temperature distribution and transient calculation.

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