The modules can be used stand-alone or as an addition to various program packages.

Module Program description Price EUR
2049 Preparation of acceptance documents for air coolers according to VDI 2049 620,–
ACK Natural convection in air coolers Supplement to AC 255,–
BIL Matter and heat balance 190,–
CIRC Shell-side pressure losses and heat transfer in shell-and-tube heat exchangers with disc and doughnut as baffle plate. 190,–
DRLL Heat transfer and pressure loss during flow through corrugated and cross-corrugated tubes 310,–
DRRB Pressure loss via cross-flow finned tube bundles 190,–
EQU Auxiliary tool for equation evaluation, interim calculations and documentation of results 255,–
FN Correction factor for the mean log. temperature difference in tube bundle / plate / cross-flow heat exchangers 255,–
GGLR Shell-side Heat transfer inshell-and-tube heat exchangers with longitudinally finned tubes (only for single-phase media, no condensation) 310,–
GGO Shell-side heat transfer of heat exchangers on plain tubes
( shell withoutbaffles )
GGRI Heat transfer during flow via finned shell-and-tube heat exchangers with segmental baffles 310,–
HYBA Calculation of the necessary increase of a column compared to a vertical evaporator 410,–
INLR Heat transfer and pressure loss during flow through tubes with internal fins (only for single-phase media, no condensation) 310,–
KUDO Presentation of results, in extracts for customers Supplement to AC, KOND, VERD and WTS 255,–
NETZ Calculation of heat exchangers networks Supplement to AC, WTS
OPTD Cost optimization of pressure losses in heat exchangers 190,–
PLRE Recirculation of hot air in flow-through tube register heat exchangers (air coolers) 190,–
RBSA Vibration analysis of tube bundle heat exchangers 950,–
RDV Tube-side pressure loss of shell-and-tube heat exchangers 190,–
RIES Heat transfer in free-falling films on horizontal tubes 255,–
STAK Static chimney draught strength and losses (basis: ETA 14th edition) 380,–
TABI Module for interpretation of user tables 190,–
TAL Emission spreading according to TA-Luft (status 2005) 410,–
TIME Calculation of transient processes during cooling or heating Supplement to TANK 600,–
TSIP Calculation of the necessary increase of a column compared to a horizontal boiler evaporator. Hydraulic calculation of thermosiphons 410,–
TWIS Heat transfer and pressure loss during flow through pipes with and without twisted-tape inserts 255,–
VENT Power consumption of fans 125,–
WAKO Wall condensation and thermal bridge factor on insulated walls 190,–
WROK Heat transfer in tube bundles with small longitudinal pitch 190,–
ZELL Stationary temperature distribution in the heat exchanger (cell model) 310,–
Extra charge for transient calculation Supplement to ZELL 510,–

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