(A condensable gas in an inert gas)

HX module

In the Mollier diagram for humid gases, a state is defined by temperature, pressure and humidity.

The module offers two calculation options

  1. The calculation of the state and the change of state of a humid gas as a function of temperature, pressure and relative humidity, as well as physical characteristics (densities, enthalpies etc…).

    The dew point, the amount of water precipitated, the amount of heat released (during the cooling of moist gases) or the amount of heat to be supplied (during heating) is calculated.

    By entering temperature, pressure and relative humidity, a point of state is defined in the HX-diagram. Two different states can be defined and compared on one mask (change of state).

  2. The mixture of two humid gas streams.

    The resulting state when two streams of humid gases are mixed is calculated according to the lever law. The states of the two incoming currents or the state of an incoming current and the state of the mixture can be specified.

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