It is also possible to determine physical properties cost-effectively via FEEZING.

Program description Price EUR
BIER Physical properties of beer and wort 190,–
CO2 Physical properties of carbon dioxide 190,–
EGAS Physical properties of natural gas L and natural gas H as well as properties of natural gases of any composition 410,–
FRIG Physical properties of refrigerants, extended 255,–
Nitrogen / oxygen / hydrogen / carbon monoxide / carbon dioxide / water / sulphur dioxide / sulphur trioxide – mixture of any composition 500,–
GLYC Physical properties of ethylene glycol + 1,2-propylene glycol (Antifrogen® N + L) + organic salts KF + SOL 255,–
H2O Physical properties of water (water vapour tables) 190,–
H2SO4 Physical properties and phase equilibrium of sulphuric acid 255,–
HABA Calculation of the reference value α0 for bubble boiling of pure substances (pool boiling, flow boiling of saturated liquids) 190,–
HCL Physical properties of hydrochloric acid 255,–
HE Physical properties of helium gas 255,–
HFO Physical properties of heavy fuel oils and diesel 410,–
HNO3 Physical properties /phase equilibria of nitric acid 255,–
HX Mollier H-X Diagram 410,–
JTHO Final temperature of adiabatic throttling processes of natural gases 410,–
LUFT Physical properties of air 190,–
N2 Physical properties of nitrogen 190,–
NA Physical properties of sodium liquid and vapour 410,–
NaOH Physical properties of sodium hydroxide solution (caustic soda lye) 255,–
NH3 Physical properties of ammonia 190,–
O2 Physical properties of oxygen 190,–
OEL Physical properties of 13 typical machine oils 255,–
PROPER 1 Thermodynamic calculation of physical properties (max. 15 components) 2.100,–
PROPER 2 PROPER 1 with hydrocarbon cuts according to API-Data-Book 2.700,–
PROPER 3 PROPER 1 with phase equilibrium calculation (DDB Flash, Version 6.0) according to Prof. Gmehling (max. 10 components) 2.600,–
Proper 1 + 2 + 3 package price 3.200,–
PSYC Calculation of humid air from a psychrometric humidity measurement 150,–
RGAS Physical properties and composition of flue gases 255,–
SAC Physical properties of sucrose-water solutions 255,–
Sawa Physical properties of seawater 255,–
S-TAB Storage of property tables in the programs 190,–
T-OIL Physical Properties and Range of Application of Thermal Oils (extended) 500,–
TSO3 Determination of the dew point temperature in flue gases with SO3 and H2O components 190,–

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