– the most cost-effective way to use LV software

The innovative and economical licensing model of Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

Many customers have a project on the table, but not the right calculation program to work with. However, buying software is often not financially viable for a specific project.

LV has the solution!

All available LV programs worth 145.000 EUR can be installed on your local PC. Instead of a license check as with software purchase, ‘Feezing’ releases individual actions and charges a fee for each – either via the Internet or via a prepaid card, similar to a telephone card (card reader available from LV).

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Depending on the software package, you have access in the area:

  1. Pressure vessel design (AD 2000, Euronorm, ASME, TRD), Piping (WRC, Pipe), module FEM (stress calculation for nozzles with nozzle loads using the FE method)
  2. Process engineering (VDI heat atlas, heat exchangers, physical properties) + fluid mechanics (pressure losses)

Not available via FEEZING:

  1. Program MESK – Multi-component mixture condenser
  2. DDB as addition to PROPER – Phase equilibrium calculation

FEEZING’ in 3 steps

  1. Installing the required LV Software
    All FEEZING-capable programs from LV are available.
  2. Use the program (calculate, save, print)
    Work locally, absolutely time-independent
  3. Terminate program
    Billing traceable in online account statement
    Determine properties e.g. natural gas, helium… from 1.50 EUR
    AD 2000 B1 incl. printing and saving = 4.10 EUR

What is the price for a project in general?

A personal customer account with the agreed amount will be set up on the LV server after receipt of the order. When using the program, the fees for certain work steps are billed:

  • Load program and perform calculation
  • Saving program data as a project
  • Print results


Actions subject to charges are debited from the customer account via the Internet or Internet independently of a prepaid card connected directly to the PC. If required, the prepaid card can be increased via the Internet or by sending a new card.

The customer account can be used for an unlimited period of time. Further amounts can be requested by email.

1. Basic costs

The software packages (1) and (2) each consist of a CD with the available LV programs incl. a starting credit of 30,- EUR and telephone assistance for program operation for 30 days. The documentation is available online. 
If you have already purchased software and need special additions to this program, the basic costs are omitted. The account can be opened with a freely selectable amount.

2. Calculation costs

Starting and Calculating

The price is calculated per module as a percentage of the list price. The minimum amount is 1 EUR per step. In the case of module packages, there are further calls to modules during the calculation, but these are not calculated separately if they are included in the basic package.


The first saving under a project name is charged. Temporary storage for data backup is free. If new modules are required for calculation, these modules will be billed the first time they are saved.

Loading and changing saved projects

Saved projects can be loaded free of charge, but can then only be viewed and not changed. If you want to change the project, you have to pay the same fees as when you started the modules.


If an existing saved project is called up again, no costs are incurred. If the result is saved under a new project name and printed, fees are due.

Save the project as a pdf-file or docx-file (print with costs). These files can then be printed free of charge as often as required, e.g. for filing or distribution.

3. Consequential costs

The individual module packages can be updated free of charge within 12 months. Follow-up costs are described in the order form. The renewal per year is automatic, unless notice is given 3 months before expiration. Calculation costs arise only through the actual work stepsSTARTING, SAVING and PRINTING.

Billing Mode ‘FEEZING’

You need the software package 1 or 2 (prices see order form). The percentage costs per calculation as well as the total amount refer to the program list price (see price list).

Program START SAVE PRINT (%) of module price
Strength calculation 0,10% 0,10% 0,80% 1%
Process Engineering 0,40% 0,30% 0,30% 1%
PROPER 0,40% 0,30% 0,30% 1%
Physical properties modules 1,00% 1,00% 1,00% 3%
Special modules 0,30% 0,30% 2,40% 3%

The following  programs have a special billing mode:



Physical properties from substances such as CO2, natural gas, glycol, helium, NH3

Minimum fee 1 EUR
Design of an air cooler with documentation about 29 EUR
Calculation of a pressure vessel including Saving and printing about 35 – 50 EUR

Billing Mode ‘FEEZING FLAT’

FEEZING FLAT calculates the actual time used in 15 min steps and not according to program starts. You can therefore plan your projects according to their scope and pause them at any time. The amount is to be paid in advance after receipt of the invoice. FLAT is then valid for all FEEZING modules.

Time quota
8 h16 h40 h80 h
Strength calculation /
240 EUR400 EUR890 EUR1280 EUR
ANSYS LoginAvailable on requestAvailable on requestAvailable on requestAvailable on request

Trial Full Version

For testing the LV Software we offer an access with all options (except ANSYS) and 4 h FLAT. Price: 250 EUR plus VAT (will be credited with purchase of LV Software from 1.500 EUR.)

Special campaigns

The calculation costs of the last 6 months will be credited up to 50% with the purchase of the corresponding module package, but a maximum of 50% of the purchase price. The CD basic fee is excluded.

How does billing via the Internet work?

The first action with the program package, which is subject to a charge, first checks whether a prepaid card is connected. You can choose whether you want to bill via prepaid card or Internet.

When feezing via the Internet, a connection to the LV server is established and account information and the current price list are obtained.

Now the fee is displayed which is due for the desired action as well as the credit on the prepaid card or on the account with LV. The action will be executed as soon as you confirm the fee and it has been debited from the local account or the Prepaid Card.

The process that is currently to be billed is explained in the lower field – in the example, the WTS module is to be executed.

In order not to use the connection too often when using Feezing over the Internet, a certain amount is reserved by the account and gradually used up (local sub-account).

You can freely choose the amount to be reserved – it only has to range between the required amount and your current account balance.

Information about your personal billing account / local sub-account

A warning will be displayed if there is only a small amount left in your account to replenish it on time. The desired amount can be paid on account or directly by VISA credit card. Please note the usual working hours.

When you exit the program package, the remaining balance will be credited to your account. For this you need an Internet connection or a prepaid card. If you cancel this charge back or no longer want to connect to the Internet, the balance will be credited to your account at the next Feezing session.

In the input mask of the program you will find a menu item “Feezing”, where you can display the price list, your account balance and a statement of account. Your prepaid card can also be recharged here via the Internet. Price list and account balance can be displayed directly.

Use the ‘Refresh’ button to retrieve the account statement again via the Internet.

Frequently occurring misunderstandings

In order to be able to use all LV software if required, you receive a CD with all programs as a basic package. So you are working locally with the version you have and notwith the latest version that is at LV.


Completely Internet independent work with prepaid card or  only a short Internet connection for the individual work steps, low telephone costs for the previous FEEZING type without prepaid card

Since you work locally, you can update the program free of charge within 12 months with Internet access directly via a button. The availability of updates is always extended by 1 year (see Order Form).

Particularly in the area of strength, there are currently numerous incorporations by AD 2000 and Euronorm, so that this way of updating is important.
An upgrade of the software of the VDI Wärmeatlas from the 9th to the 10th edition is subject to a charge!

List of currently available LV programs

Feezing packages

Contact Specialism
Dipl.-Ing. D. Fischer Strength calculation and Piping

Dipl.-Ing. H. Gharib

Mechanical Engineering / Pressure Vessel Design / SFI

Dipl.-Inform. Z. Gharib

Computer Sciences IT

Dipl.-Ing. E. Münchinger Mechanical Engineering / Pressure Vessel Design / SFI
Andreas Nonnenmacher Program Support, Teamviewer, Sales, WWW
Dipl.-Ing. R. Riemann Process Engineering / Separators / Program Support

B. Sc. P. Tauer P. Tauer


Our LV team will be happy to answer any special questions you may have:

For orders please use our fax form with price list:


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