For more than 25 years, our usage-based licence “Feezing” has been available.
“Calculating without purchasing” became “FEEZING” and now the era of “LV 365” begins. This is your opportunity!

Your benefits with LV 365

  • No internet connection is required.
  • Every single action is no longer charged. Work as and when you want.
  • Printing no longer costs extra
    With FEEZING, printing was the most cost-intensive process. With LV 365, you print as often as you want.
  • Full access to all LV programmes
    You no longer have to decide on a package. You can use all of the LV modules.
  • Connection and coupling of strength calculation and process engineering
    Couple the thermal calculation of your heat exchanger with the strength calculation and thus avoid cases of damage
  • New FE module with Comsol Solver
    The new Comsol Solver creates a completely new FEM experience


Furthermore applies

  • You have full control over costs
    Thanks to the LV 365 fixed amount, you can continue to calculate very precisely.
  • You get the same premium support
  • You can still use LV programmes inexpensively
  • You always work with the latest version. Updates included.

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