A parametric study can be carried out to make the relationships between individual quantities visible, to find maximum or minimum values or to create tables with value series:

The results of the parameter study can be exported immediately to Excel.

The results can be displayed graphically in 2 or 3 dimensions via the “Graphics” menu.

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Two-dimensional parametric study in the input mask

A two-dimensional parameter study can be called directly from the desired target variable on the input screen. Enter the default values on the mask in the following form:

Example: 1.5,1.612

It means here:

  • 1.5 = Start value
  • 1.6 = Second value
    IMPORTANT: The dot is the decimal separator.

This gives the step size. In this case 0.1.

  • = etc., i.e. placeholder for all further steps up to the end value
  • 12 = Final value

A parametric study is now carried out automatically for all dependent values.

Parametric Study

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