Calculation of valve bodies according to DIN EN 12516-2

DIN EN 12516-2 specifies the calculation methods for valve bodies. In this standard you will find many options for the calculation of general pressure housings and different flange types.

The modules for DIN EN 12516-2 can be used to calculate the standard for the operating and installation condition or for any other operating cases or the test condition of the following components:

  • Cylindrical, oval, rectangular and spherical shells
  • Flanges (loose-type and welded-neck flanges with or without hub, oval and rectangular / square types)
  • Torispherical and semi-ellipsoidal heads
  • Bolted covers flat plates with/without bore/nozzle
  • Spherical shells
  • Circular plates and circular ring plates for 17 load cases
  • Self-sealing joints
  • Glands

The module package is divided into four modules:

12516 A

  1. Shells under internal pressure
  2. Welding-neck flanges, slip-on flanges, loose type flanges

12516 B

  1. Oval flanges, rectangular flanges, bolt calculation
  2. Self-sealing joints

12516 C

  1. Dished heads
  2. Spherical shells according 8.3
  3. Flat circular plates and rotary ring plates

12516 D

  1. Bolted covers flat plates with/without bore/nozzle
  2. Gland flange loads according chapter 11

The specified boundary conditions are checked during the calculation and any exceeding is displayed. The material database with approx. 3300 materials is integrated into the module package for DIN EN 12516-2.

For the flange calculation according to DIN EN 12516-2, the gasket characteristics of DIN EN 1591-2 and numerous manufacturer specifications are integrated in the program by module 1514N and the bolt data for bolts with metric and UNC threads are available.

4 modules for DIN EN 12516-2 incl. gasket module:

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