HABA module

The program calculates the reference value α0 for nucleate boiling of pure substances (pool boiling, flow boiling of saturated liquids) for

Pr = 0,1 , q0 = 20000 W/m2 and Ra,0 = 10-6 m

Only the critical data (Pc, Tc, vc), the molar mass M, the boiling temperature at Pr = 0,1 and the specific heat capacity at this temperature are required for the calculation.

These properties can either be transferred from the PROPER properties generator or entered freely.

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  • W. Leiner: “Wärmeübergang beim Blasensieden”, Universelle Gleichung auf der Basis des erweiterten Korrespondenzprinzipes, Chemie-Ingenieur-Technik 64 (1992) Nr. 1

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