Discover the future of process engineering and pressure vessel design with our new artificial intelligence technology!

With our chatbot, which is customised and trained for your products and services, you can enrich your company with the latest technology.

Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik has developed a chatbot that already has pre-trained data in the specialised fields of process engineering and pressure vessel design.

This basic knowledge, paired with the knowledge of your products and services, creates a perfect chatbot for

  • Your company website
  • your internal employee knowledge management and
  • for your LV software.

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What can the system do:

  • The chatbot is pre-trained and already has in-depth expertise in process engineering / pressure vessel design
  • The chatbot is ready to learn about your products and services and constantly expand its knowledge database
  • The chatbot can be placed individually on your company website and/or used on your intranet.
  • You get your very own personalised chatbot. The complete knowledge database remains within your chatbot. Your data remains your property.
  • Visitors to your company website can communicate with the chatbot and receive information based on your products or services
  • Employees can access the knowledge database internally via the chatbot
  • We can design the chatbot entirely according to your wishes and add functions so that your products are presented in the best possible way and your internal knowledge can be communicated to your employees in the best possible way.

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Why our chatbot is the best choice:

  1. Increased efficiency: Our chatbot is designed to answer your technical questions precisely and quickly, which leads to a significant increase in efficiency in your work process.

  2. 24/7 Support: Forget about limited office hours! With our chatbot, you have access to expert support at any time of day or night to minimise delays in your projects.

  3. Knowledge exchange: Our chatbot is not just a tool, but also a pool of knowledge. He can share information on proven methods, the latest trends and innovative solutions in pressure vessel design and process engineering.

  4. Customisation: Adapt our chatbot to your specific requirements. Artificial intelligence is constantly learning in order to understand your needs even better and offer customised solutions.

  5. Always up to date: Benefit from the software’s up-to-dateness. You are automatically always up to date with the latest technology.

Prepare to increase the efficiency of your apparatus engineering process while benefiting from a continuous exchange of knowledge. Our artificial intelligence in apparatus engineering is the key component for your success. Contact us today to find out more about how we can revolutionise your projects!

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