Program description Price EUR
PROJECT Basic module, BOM 410,–
UG27 Cylindrical and spherical shells under internal pressure 620,–
UG28 Cylindrical and spherical shells under external pressure 620,–
UG29 Stiffening rings on cylindrical shells under external pressure 410,–
UG32 Domed heads under internal pressure 620,–
UG33 Domed heads under external pressure 620,–
UG34 Flat heads and plates 770,–
UG37 Openings in shells (covers UG39 and spherical shell UG45) 620,–
UG99 Determination of the allowable test pressure according to ASME VIII-1 UG-99 620,–
AFL/AFLT Flanges acc. to ASME VIII-1 Appendix 2  incl. flange catalogue according to ASME B16.5 (AFLT) 620,–
ASME B31.3

Steel pipes, pipelines, elbows, branches   according to ASME B31.3

The deposited standards are ASME B36.10 and B36.19.
APY Flat face flanges with metal-to-metal contact outside the bolt circle according ASME BPVC Appendix Y 800,–
ATB Spherically dished heads according ASME VIII Appendix 1 – 6 410,–
TEB 2 Pipe bends and T-pieces according to ANSI / ASME B31.3 – 1980 Edition 410,–
UHX a-c U-tube, fixed head and floating head heat exchangers according to Section UHX of ASME BPVC Part VIII-1. 1.200,–
WERK Material database with approx. 4700 material entries 900,–

Module package ASME VIII Div 1 – incl. Material Database

Printout in English included  
Maintenance / 12 months (updates and support*) 750,–

US American Standards

Module Program description Price EUR
ABDR Calculation of connection ends of pipes, pipe bends and T-pieces according to ASME/ANSI B31.3 – 1980 Edition 660,–
ASME B31.1

Steel pipes, pipelines, elbows, branches according to ASME B31.1 The deposited standards are ASME B36.10 and B36.19.

Annex 3-F Determination of the maximum number of load cycles with fatigue according to ASME VIII-2, Annex 3-F Part 5 620,–
AP14 Welded flat heads with large, single round and central openings according to ASME VIII-1 Mandatory Appendix 14 255,–
AP26 Single wall bellows expansion joints according to ASME VIII-1, Appendix 26 (U-shape bellows only) 360,–
APA Basic principles for the determination of permissible loads for the connection tube/tube plate according to ASME BPVC VIII Nonmandatory Appendix A, Edition 2017 320,–
UBC Earthquake loads according to Uniform Building Code 1997 410,–

*) The support includes assistance for program operation in the usual scope, approx. 1h

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