Price determination only after clarification of the boundary conditions of the respective project

Example: Strength calculation of a stirring tank according to AD 2000

A stirring tank must be designed for the following operating conditions:

  • P = 20 bar
  • T = 60°C
  • V = 25 m³
  • Material: 1.4571
  • Inside diameter 2800 mm
  • Height of cylindrical shell: 3000 mm
  • Dished head with inlet nozzle made of material 1.4439, DN 300, nozzle height 150 mm
    ( additional nozzles will be charged separately )

The calculation consists of the determination of the wall thicknesses of the cylindrical tank part, the heads and nozzles and the calculation of the flanged connection(s).

From within the program, the appearance of the documentation can be adapted to the wishes of the customer. The documentation is available in German or English.

Price: 630 EUR plus VAT

Revision runs are charged separately!

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