LV – your contact when it comes to solving problems

Competent advice … fast and cost-effective!

A direct computer-to-computer communication over the Internet gives you the security of not being left alone with your problem.

Our hotline is an important part of customer service. Contact persons for you are engineers who have developed the LV programs and work with this software on a daily basis.

For LV customers, free assistance is available during the first 30 days from the date of purchase with questions about program operation. Thereafter we offer a cost-effective consulting contract.

The hot line to LV with a consulting contract

  • You have a project and solve the problem with our LV program. Our hotline is available free of charge at any time for simple questions on operation.
  • Now, however, you would also like to clarify a technical question, perhaps even have a brief recalculation carried out for safety reasons.
  • A phone call … an email … the solution
  • Billing is done on a 5 minute basis (96,- EUR/hour), with only little bureaucracy and without the need to place small orders.

(Billing example)

With a consulting contract you can use our experience of 30 years without taking long ways.

When a consulting contract is concluded, the amount to be paid in advance is determined according to your judgement. The recommendation of EUR 300 to EUR 400 is based on empirical values.

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