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ERP and CRM integration

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Integration saves you work – The LV API

LV software is fully integratable with all major ERP and CRM systems.
You need an individual solution? No problem, we make that possible too.
We have integrated a full-featured API.

Our API is used for the individual automation of your tasks. This means you can read data into and out of our software using an external program or script. You can leave routine entries to the computer.

In principle, this also covers our program by means of the quicksheet. However, here it is possible to intervene even further in the system and e.g. intercept events or use our unit conversion.

With this interface, you can, for example, create your own configurator that automatically generates your offers or let your customer make a pre-selection.  Based on the determined necessary wall thickness and other dimensions, you can calculate the costs and already output a CAD model with a CAD system of your choice.

The possibilities are endless .


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