LV Design ATLAS 10

LV Design ATLAS 10

Our complete engineering solution for pressure vessel and heat exchanger design.

Process engineering calculations and strength designs according to AD 2000, EN 13445, EN 1591, ASME VIII, Eurocode and much more in one common interface.

Fully integrated FEM module with Comsol Solver.

New Model Rectangular Vessels

New Model Rectangular Vessels

Rectangular vessels represent high requirements in terms of operationally suitable design and necessary strength. This sophisticated design is being used more and more frequently in apparatus engineering. In most cases, these tanks are structurally reinforced by welded-on ribs.

With our new FELV module for rectangular tanks, we offer the possibility to check reinforced rectangular tanks for strength quickly and efficiently. The vessel can be subjected to internal or external overpressure, wind and/or earthquake loads or external loads in general and a hydrostatic load.

The input of your geometry data, materials and loads is done in a user-friendly way via a LV input mask. The calculation then runs in an external application, which visualizes, tabulates and documents all data entered and obtained. This gives you a complete overview of your project and your current design at any time.

see: the all new FEM module



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LV software is fully integratable with all major ERP and CRM systems.
You need an individual solution? No problem, we make that possible too.
We have integrated a full-featured API. Exchanging data has never been easier. Automating input and output saves valuable time for more important tasks.

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ASME BPVC VIII-1 2021 Validation

Validation of LV software according to ASME BPVC VIII-1 Edition 2021 available online.

Calculation and comparison according to ASME PTB-4-2013 (currently valid document):

  • Internal Design Pressure – E4.3.1 to E4.3.5

  • Internal Design Pressure – E4.3.7 to E4.3.8

  • Shells Under External Pressure and Allowable Compressive Stress – E4.4.1 to E4.4.5

  • Shells Under External Pressure and Allowable Compressive Stress – E4.4.7 to E4.4.8

  • Shells Openings in Shells and Heads – E4.5.1 to E4.5.6

  • Flat Heads – E4.6.1 to E4.6.2

  • Spherically Dished Bolted Covers – E4.7.1

  • Flanged Joints – E4.16.1 to E.4.16.2

Version 8.32.1 ASME 2019

Version 8.29.1

Version 8.26