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Error: LV PIPE ADDIn is listed several times in Excel.

This is a problem of Excel 2016 and macros.

SolutionDo not permanently register PIPE as an AddIn!

Go to the Add Ins:
File – Options – Add-Ins – Excel AddIns – Go to
make sure that the check mark is not set for Pipe2!

Always start Pipe2 via the program icon instead:

Error message during installation: “An error occurred while copying the data”.


Fix: The installation program runs automatically with administration rights. Please check whether the selected installation path (or drive) is also mapped for the administrator (drive letter assigned) and not only for the user running the installation program.
If necessary, the program is still in use by another user and cannot be overwritten by the installation file.

To resolve this problem, you can configure Windows to make network drive mappings known in all logon sessions of the current user instead of just one. To do this, create the following in the registry in the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesSystem a new entry of the type “DWORD value (32-bit)”, call it EnableLinkedConnections and assign a value of 1 to it. After a Windows restart (logout is not enough) your login script should work as desired.

Error message in the FEM module: “Error when opening z8801.bny” or similar.

Fix: Delete all files in the directory: C:Users’USERNAME’AppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram FilesLVFestFem
or delete all .TXT files in FEM folder of program directory (C:Program Files (x86)LVFestFem)


Set up write permission for the FEM folder, which is a subfolder of the STRENGTH directory. If this is not possible, install the program to another location where write permission can be granted.

When starting the LV strength calculation program, the installer of an external program (e.g. Autocad) is called and the LV program does not start or starts delayed.

Fix: Repair the installation of the external program (e.g. Autocad)

Material database does not provide any data. Search box is red. When searching for materials, the message ‘No valid data’ appears.

Fix: Delete the lvw.config file in the user directory:

C:Users’USERNAME’AppDataRoamingLauterbach Verfahrenstechniklvw.config

Files containing module 1591 can no longer be printed.

Fix: Update the calculation before printing with “CTRL-F7”.

Since version 8.24.1, files containing module 1591 can only be printed if the calculation is updated with ‘Ctrl-F7’ before printing.

After an update from version 8.8.x to version 8.9.x the program freezes during printing and cannot be closed normally anymore.


Delete LvMask folder:
C:WindowsSysWOW64LvMask, or, if it doesn’t exist:
Then execute the LvMask.exe in the program directory:
By default: C:Program files (x86)LVFestLvMask.exe
After that everything works fine again.

After an update I get the error message ‘”Adodc1 – The provider cannot be found’.

Please install the following Microsoft patch:

F-Secure reports virus or unwanted program in file LVPipeOPGL2.exe or deletes the file unasked. This means that the graphics in LV PIPE II no longer work.

It’s a false positive in F-Secure’s heuristics. The file is required for the Pipe program.

The file ‘LVPipeOPGL2.exe’ was classified as ‘FALSE POSITIVE’. This means that this file is not dangerous and is an error message from F-Secure.
The detection pattern is removed with the current update of the F-Secure virus definition file.

After a Microsoft EXCEL (Office) update after 09.12.2014, the program PIPE II no longer works correctly. Error messages appear.

This is a bug in the Microsoft Update you can fix it as follows:

  • Close Excel
  • Start the Windows Explorer
  • Select the system drive (usually C:)
  • Search for *.exd files
  • Delete all the files you find
  • Restart Excel

If this does not help, uninstall the related update:

Microsoft offers Fix Its for the problem: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3025036

AVIRA reports virus or unwanted program in file PipeDXF2.exe (‘TR/Dropper.Gen5).

This is a false indication in the heuristics of Avira. The PipeDXF2.exe is required for the program Pipe.

You can define exceptions in Avira so that the message does not appear again. To do this, enter the PipeDXF2.exe at ‘System Scanner – >Search – >Exception’ and at ‘Realtime Scanner – > Search – >Exception’. The file ‘PipeDXF2.exe’ was classified as ‘FALSE POSITIVE’. This means that this file is not dangerous and an error message from AVIRA.
The detection pattern is removed with the update of the virus definition file (VDF)

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