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  • By concluding a consulting contract, services in the field of professional and technical consulting can be covered. This includes telephone support for your own calculations as well as recalculations of your projects.
  • Complete new designs are carried out on the basis of a special offer.
  • The hourly rate for professional and technical advice is EUR 96. Without a consultancy agreement, the service is charged at EUR 120 plus VAT, due to the additional administrative costs. The billing period takes place in intervals of 5 minutes..
  • The detailed listing will be made per 6 months or on request. (see billing example)


The consultancy contract is concluded for the period of the fees paid and is not automatically renewed.


The costs are deducted from an amount paid in advance. We recommend 300,- to 400,- EUR plus VAT.

Amount to be paid in advance: ________ EUR net

As soon as the amount has been used up, you receive a subsequent invoice listing the previous expenditures.


The fees are to be paid in advance by wire transfer within 14 days.

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Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

Sample GmbH

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