BV29 module

The basis is the calculation rule TGL 32903/29 of the former German Democratic Republic.

The BV29 module is used to calculate chambers in divided and undivided design with flat gaskets for air-cooled heat exchangers.

The chambers work under internal overpressure.

Scope of calculation

  • Bolt forces for test, assembly and operating condition
  • Required tube sheet thickness
  • Required wall thickness of cover
  • Verification of load-bearing capacity for fixing the tubes in the tube sheet
  • Determination of the coefficient of elasticity for the flange connection between cover and tube sheet according to ST RGW 3649-82

The following construction types are taken into account:

  • Rectangular chambers in divided design with welded, cast or pressed cover
  • Divided and non-divided chambers with welded semi-cylindrical cover
  • Welded and pressed-welded chambers with and without partition walls

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