1092 module

EN 1092-1 contains the dimensions of various flange types for pressure stages from PN 2.5 to PN 400. The maximum allowable working pressure at elevated temperatures shall be assigned to different model materials of a material group in tables in accordance with Annex G. In Annex F equations are given to determine the permissible operating pressure for own flange materials. Bolt materials are included in EN 1515-1 and the associated strength class is specified in EN 1515-2.

After selecting the pressure rating and nominal diameter, this module provides the dimensions of all flange types and gasket surfaces. The maximum allowable working pressure shall be assigned for the operating temperature and material group according to the tables of EN 1092 in Annex G. For own flange materials, the permissible operating temperature can be calculated according to equation (F2.2-1). The corresponding bolts can be selected from the available materials according to EN 1515-1 and the strength class according to EN 1515-2 can be determined. For the combination of the own flange material with the bolts, the strength class can be calculated according to the equations in EN 1515-2.

The flange types were completely included and the pressure-temperature tables were supplemented, as well as bolts according to EN 1515-1 and -2 were incorporated.

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  • DIN EN 1092-1, steel flanges
  • DIN EN 1515-1, Selection of bolts and nuts
  • DIN EN 1515-2, Classification of bolt materials for steel flanges

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