Module Program description
1092 Round steel flanges acc. to DIN EN 1092-1 incl. strength proof
1514N / 159N Flat gaskets. Geometry according to DIN EN 1514-1. Gasket data according to DIN EN 13555.
Extensive manufacturer database.
10220 Calculation of welded / seamless steel pipes according to DIN 10220 (replaces 2448 / 2458)
A2 Design of safety valves for pressure vessels
AKR Stress verification for pressure vessels with knuckles in the external shell
B1.1 Pipe bends under internal pressure according to AD 2000 / B1 Annex 1(see also BOG)
B51A Verification of axial forces according to AD-Merkblatt B5 section (demanded in B5)
B51C Verification of flat tube sheets with protruding flange edge
B51F Fatigue strength of fixed hea exchanger tube sheets according to the guidelines Catalogue Strength (RKF) Part 5 and 6
B5A1 Calculation of plain rectangular pipes and partial chambers according to B5/1 (rectangular cross-sections)
s. also EN 15
BEIN Stress verification for vessels on supporting feet
BIEG Surface moments of inertia of profile steels
BOG Pipe bends under internal pressure according to TRD 301, Annex 2
BV29 Calculation of chambers in divided and undivided design
DICH Calculation of gasket characteristics (see also module 1514N)
ECKA Sizing of diagonal stays on fire tube heads
ELKR Elasticity criterion and support span of pipelines according to HP100R (simplified)
FGB Flat domed heads according to John F. Harvey / Schwaigerer
HLB Stress verification of pressure vessels with welded-on half-pipes
HOSE Y-shaped branches under internal pressure according to TRD-301
HPR Elasticity criterion and spans as well as construction regulations for pipelines made of metallic materials according to AD2000 / data sheet HP 100 R
IGEL Nozzle verification on pressure vessels, determination of local forces and moments from the NozzleSpecApp and their superposition for vertical and horizontal vessels. see also ESMC 912
(requires AD/ B1+B3+B9 )
Package price IGEL + AD/ B1 + B3 + B9
ESMC 912 BASF works standard: Load transformation at nozzle loads for horizontal tanks on two saddles according to BASF E-S-MC 912 (April 2016) with consideration of the NozzleSpecApp
KSTA Calculation of stresses, displacements, shear forces and moments of columns with additional support bearings.
LOBO Free resting perforated plates & perforated plates with anchors and supports according to AD/B5
Podest Verification of vessels on a single, central cylindrical support element according to WRC 537 and AD 2000 S3.3
PRAT Geometrical values of the brackets used in AD Merkblatt S3.4
RING Verification of double jacket connections on containers
RUER Strength verification of nozzles and block flanges with / without mutual influence in agitator covers and heads
SEGB Segmental bends with one or more segments according to ANSI
SG Gauge glass flange according DIN 28120
SPAR Design of clamping rings
STUT Determination of additional stresses due to pipe forces on nozzles
TEB / TEB1 Heat exchanger heads according to TEMA
TEM Longitudinal stresses in shell and tubes of heat exchangers with stationary tube sheets
Strength calculation according to TEMA package price TEB / TEB1 / TEM
TEB 2 Pipe bends and T-pieces according to ASME/ANSI B31.3 with external loads
TR28 Support rings with/without additional ring carrier according to DIN 280084-1 as an addition to S3.5
TST Cylindrical shells with vertical branch under internal pressure
UNRD Out-of-roundness of cylindrical and conical shells according to EN 13445-3, Annex E
VFLN Welding neck flanges according to DIN 28034
WARZ Calculation of knuckles of jacketed vessels
WTOR Calculation of shafts subjected to a torsional moment.
ZAPF Calculation of trunnions according to DIN 28085
ZIEH Tightening torques of bolts. ISO and UNC threads

Withdrawn standards

Module Program description
2413 Pipe bends: Calculation of wall thickness against internal pressure according to DIN 2413 part 2
2448 Seamless steel tubes according to DIN 2448 (corresponds to DIN EN 10220)
2505 Flange connections according to DIN 2505 (partly replaced by 1591)
250S Bolts according to DIN 2505
25V Flange connections according to pre-standard DIN 2505
2505 + 250S + 25V package price
2605 Pipe bends according to DIN 2605
18T4 Verification of structural safety of unreinforced circular cylindrical, conical or spherical shells (DIN 18800 Part 4) >replaced by Eurocode
VERK Stress in the cylindrical vessel without attachments due to wind loads
DIN 4133 has been withdrawn
WND / WIND Wind loads for structures not prone to vibration in accordance with DIN 1055 Part 4 edition 1986 / 2005
DIN 1055 part 4 has been withdrawn >replaced by EN 22 and Eurocode 1.

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