Verification of vessels on a single, central cylindrical support element according to WRC 537 and AD 2000 S3.3

Input values

  • Boundary conditions (temperature, internal overpressure in the head, type of head/ base plate, materials)
  • Geometric values (head, base, base plate, bolts)
  • Loads (axial force, cutting torque, cutting forces anchor bolts)

Output values

  • Stress in the head due to moment
  • Stress in the head due to axial force
  • Stress in the head due to internal pressure
  • Stress in the head due to combination
  • Stress in the base
  • Required plate thickness
  • Concrete compression
  • Stress in the bolts
  • Tensile anchor force of the bolts

All occurring stresses are compared and evaluated with the allowable stress of the respective component.

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