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The Project module summarizes operational and test data, as well as the main parts of a pressure vessel including main geometrical data and used material in one working sheet. For the final calculation, the specified modules are adjusted and their data are connected to the working sheet.

The Project module determines which calculation code is used and according to which standard the material definition should be done.

Material Database – WERK

Selection and documentation of materials for the design of pressure vessels

The program determines the permissible strength characteristics depending on temperature, component geometry, the code and delivery standard. All values are displayed, can be printed, copied to the clipboard, stored in a file (e.g. for further processing with MS WORD) or transferred to any calculation modules such as AD 2000/EURONORM/ASME/TRD

The material server is bilingual. You can switch from German to English and vice versa.

Fully integrated material database

EN 16.07 – Local loads due to lifting lugs at cylindrical shells and domed heads DIN EN 13445-3 chapter 16.7

The program calculates lifting lugs in longitudinal arrangement or in circumferential direction with or without reinforcement plate. The strength verification for the weld seam and the tab is carried out according to RKF. – Richtlinienkatalog Festigkeit BR A 62.

EN 16.08 – Horizontal vessels on saddles DIN EN 13445-3 chapter 16.8

Module EN 16.08 calculates horizontal vessels without reinforcement ring on several saddles according to DIN EN 13445-3 section 16.8. The proofs for the load limit between the saddles as well as at the saddles according to the corresponding chapters 16.8.6 to 16.8.8 are carried out.

The saddle can be verified in accordance with AD 2000 S3/2 Section 6. The S32 module is included.

EN 16.09 – Horizontal vessels on ring supports DIN EN 13445-3 chapter 16.9

Calculation of horizontal cylindrical vessels with support rings welded to the shell on the inside or outside. The rings are mounted on saddles or support feet.

EN 16.10 – Vertical vessels with support brackets acc. to DIN EN 13445-3 chapter 16.10

Design of vertical cylindrical or conical shells on bracket supports. Vertical and horizontal additional loads, e.g. from earthquakes and wind loads, can be taken into account.

  • Bracket supports with / without reinforcement plate
  • Load with additional forces and moments on the vessel

EN 16.11 – Vertical vessels with dished heads on legs DIN EN 13445-3 chapter 16.11

similar to AD 2000 / S3.3

  • torispherical ends
  • semi-elliptical ends
  • Supporting legs with / without reinforcement plate
  • Load with additional forces and moments on the vessel

EN 16.12 – Vertical vessels with skirts DIN EN 13445-3 chapter 16.12 16.12

With this module the verification of support brackets on pressure vessels can be of stability. The calculation is offered separately for the local stresses in the area of the connection between the bracket support and the pressure vessel wall and for the bracket itself.

  • Cylindrical or conical bracket support
  • Connection via support ring or directly welded support brackets
  • Verification of the required section loads

EN 16.13 – Vertical vessels with ring supports DIN EN 13445-3 chapter 16.13 16.13

Design of integral ring supports and loose ring supports.

The ring is supported by several evenly distributed supports or by a single support running over the entire circumference of the ring.

EN 16.14 – Shells under global loads DIN EN 13445-3 chapter 16.14

e.g. global force from weight force of vessel contents, global moment from wind load.

The module calculates the maximum allowable compressive stresses in a cylindrical shell (according to section 16.14.7). For a given wall thickness, the maximum allowable individual loads (tensile force, compressive force and bending moment) according to 16.14.4 are determined from this.

EN 22 – Wind loads DIN EN 13445-3 chapter 22.4

Module EN 22 calculates the wind loads according to DIN EN 13445-3 chapter 22.4 and works in conjunction with module EC1 according to DIN EN 1991-1-4 (Eurocode 1).

Ladders, platforms (partial and full platforms), vertical parallel tubes and walkways can be selected as extensions. Several different attachments of the same type can be selected and combined with other types.

EN22 controls the EC1 module (Eurocode 1) for all load cases to be calculated and superimposes the loads. This means that the wind load calculation is fulfilled, e.g. for columns.

Vessel Support Stability package incl. Material Database WERK

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