Calculation of wind loads in pressure vessel design with current regulations

The module package wind loads calculates the wind loads for cylindrical vessels with possible attachments such as ladders, platforms (partial and full platforms), vertical parallel pipes and walkways.

EN 13445-3 Chap. 22 is used for the configuration and mutual influence of these attachments (EN 22 module). This module controls all load cases of the EC1 module to be calculated and superimposes the loads. This means that the wind load calculation is fulfilled, e.g. for columns.

The wind loads of the individual components are calculated strictly according to Eurocode 1 according to DIN EN 1991-1-4 (EC1 module ). This module can be used independently, but isoptimized for use within module EN22.

Input / Output EN 22

Module package wind loads = EN22 + EC1

based on DIN EN 13445-3 and Eurocode 1

Price: 1400 EUR plus VAT

S30 module –  section wind load, calculates the wind load and the wind moment on a vessel by specifying the wind speed and the wind power coefficient. Attachments with an additional area of less than 15% of the tank area can be taken into account by a 25% higher dynamic pressure. The AD S3.0 standard stipulates Eurocode 1 as mandatory.

The following modules are marked as OBSOLETE because the standards have been withdrawn:

  • Module WND is replaced by EC1, calculates wind loads according to section 10 of DIN 1055-4.
  • Module ANBA is replaced by EC1. see modules EN 22 and EC1
  • Module VERK calculates the wind load for a cylindrical vessel without attachments up to a height of 50m with consideration of the vibration effect according to DIN 4133:1991. The wind load (wind load zone) and the snow load (snow load zone) are calculated as live loads.

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