Modules EC3Cyl, EC3Stiff and BULK


The EC3Cyl module verifies the stability and the thickness of the cylindrical shells, based on EN 1993-1-6. the module was extended by EN 1993-4-1 to be able to calculate complete silos and storage tanks. It replaces the 18T4 module, which was based on the withdrawn DIN 18800-4.

Since these standards only provide for the use of C-steels, the module has also been extended for the use of stainless steels up to temperatures of 500°C.

Consideration of:

  • Positive or negative pressure
  • Wind, live and dead loads
  • Stepped wall thicknesses (cylinder sections)

In detail, the module calculates the design requirements against the following ultimate limit states:

  • plastic limit
  • buckling

The overall balance of the supporting structure (sliding, lifting, tipping over) is not covered by this module, but can be achieved by special LV modules, e.g. the S3 series or the EN16 series.

EC3Stiff – ring stiffened circular cylindrical shells / stiffening rings under external pressure according to DIN EN 1993-1-6

The EC3Stiff module is an extension of the EC3Cyl module.

Here the cylindrical shells with ring stiffeners are verified. The following function types (internal or external) of the ring stiffeners (flat steel) are available:

  • Light ring stiffener
  • Heavy intermediate ring stiffener
  • Heavy end ring stiffener

Consideration of loads:

  • Negative pressure
  • Wind loads
  • External axial load

BULK – Actions on silos and liquid tanks – Loads from bulk material in accordance with EN 1993-4-1 Section 3.5

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