Proof of stability for pressure vessels (BEBEN)

Calculation of earthquake loads according to the simplified procedure for regular structures according to DIN 4149 or DIN EN 1998-1 Eurocode 8

Module BEBEN determines the restraining forces and moments from earthquake loads for regular structures according to DIN EN 1998-1 Eurocode 8 or DIN 4149 ( seismic calculation ). The building mass can be distributed evenly or variably over the height. The individual forces are simply applied linearly over the height of the structure. The total earthquake force is proportional to the total mass and the design spectrum Sd(Ts), depending on the basic period Ts. The basic period can be calculated approximately for buildings or rod-shaped structures.

After entering the building and underground class, building category and other parameters, the restraining forces are calculated for the selected vibration period Ts. The simplified method can be used if the structural behaviour is not significantly influenced by higher vibration modes. The following condition applies for the vibration period: Ts < 4*TC, with the control period TC = 0.2s … 0.5s as a function of the type of underground.

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  • DIN 4149, Beuth-Verlag
  • DIN EN 1998-1 Eurocode 8

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