FGB module

For vessels in the lower pressure range it is possible to use flat domed heads instead of the usual domed heads, e.g. dished heads (Kloepperboden-type).

These heads offer a certain economic advantage over the Kloepperboden-type or Korbbogen-type heads and a significantly lower installation height.

The calculation according to AD or ASME is not possible, but the proof according to S. Schwaigerer, “Strength calculation” and J.F. Harvey, “Theory and Design of Pressure Vessels” can be provided.

In addition, the module was extended for a buckling proof of the knuckle (crease formation), since these heads are often manufactured with very small wall thicknesses.

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  • Theory and Design of Pressure Vessels / John F. Harvey
  • Festigkeitsberechnung im Dampfkessel-, Behälter- und Rohrleitungsbau / S. Schwaigerer

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