Nozzle check on pressure vessels as an addition to AD 2000

IGEL module

The IGEL module verifies all strength conditions for a component, e.g. for an agitator base or for a shell with a simple or complex nozzle geometry. It is used as a supplement to AD 2000.

In addition to the usual data for the basic body, only the data for the nozzle dimensions and the position of the nozzles are expected as input values.

The result values are the required wall thickness of the basic body, the geometric dependencies and the maximum load by the determining nozzle or by the determining adjacent nozzles.

The program checks which nozzles influence each other, which nozzles do not have to be verified and which are the critical nozzles. The entire calculation of the nozzles subject to verification is carried out in a separate program and can of course be documented on request.

Local forces and moments from the NozzleSpecApp can be determined and used by the program.

Price*: see price list

*Requires modules AD2000 B1, B3 and B9


  • AD-Merkblatt
  • NozzleSpecApp

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