TR28 module

Support rings with and without additional ring supports according to DIN 28084-1

For the calculation of the load capacity of welded load-bearing rings on vessels according to DIN 28084-1, a distinction is made as follows:

  • even ring support
  • Support on eight evenly distributed supporting points.

The support rings are subjected to bending and transverse forces.

After selecting the appropriate design type with or without additional ring, the TR28 module determines the maximum load capacity of the support rings.

Input values are wall thicknesses, diameters and ring materials. The strength values are taken from the material data base. The load capacities for the support ring or additional ring are calculated with uniform support and with a bearing on eight support points. The optional additional ring support is loose and consists of one or two segments.

For the calculation of the local internal forces in the support ring, the AD 2000 / S3.5 module can be used as an add-on.

Calculation options

  • Version without additional ring (ring support)
  • Version with additional ring (ring support)

TR 28 module 255 EUR plus VAT
AD 2000 S3.5 module 620 EUR plus VAT
Package price 700 EUR plus VAT


  • DIN 28084-1
  • AD 2000 S3.5

Support ring design

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